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Small Business Owner

As a small-business owner, MyDataGuard has been INVALUABLE to me. I primarily use it to record my vital business/tax info passwords, and find it to be both handy and secure. Thanks.

Christopher Lunn
Chem-dry of Arlington and Alexandria,

Network Professional

I am constantly reminding users not to write their passwords down, but with little effect. My Data Guard Plus is an excellent solution to the common problem of stolen passwords. It is simple to use and includes strong AES encryption. Users can relax knowing their most important data is secure but also easily available.

Nate Nord
Network / IT Consulting and Management

Chief Executive Officer

MyDataGuard is a lifesaver! Having immediate and unlimited access to critical personal data and knowing that your data is protected by an impenetrable security system is like having a safety deposit box without the hassle of bank-controlled access.

Stephanie Copeland
Former President and CEO, The Mount

Senior Software Developer

I find My Data Guard to be an indispensible tool. Every web site and computer I use seems to have different username and password requirements. Without My Data Guard I would be clicking the 'Forgot your password?' link on a daily basis. This application means I can store all those passwords without worrying that they will be lost or stolen.

Barclay Schell
Senior Software Developer

Sales Executive

I like how easy and user friendly my data guard is. I have so many passwords that I need to keep track of and this program will definitely help keep them in a safe and secure place. I will forward your website to potential customers.

Spencer Crandall
Sales Executive, Hilton Club

Senior Software Engineer

So much private information to remember! How to do it securely? Usernames and passwords for personal web sites, mail servers, domain log in, financial data, hosting sites, PIN numbers... NOW I WRITE THEM ALL DOWN IN ONE PLACE. My Data Guard keeps them all safe from both deliberate and accidental discovery. Just one click, enter my master password to decrypt my data, and all my private information is available to me. If you don't know the password, you don't get in! I also like the added features: easy backup and reminder, rich editing, searching, and automatic shut down if I leave the screen up too long. Secure, Easy and Quick. That's the way I like it.

Mark Idema
Senior Software Engineer, Newport News VA

Free Lance Writer

The answer to home computer privacy. As a young professional, sharing a house with others, its important to know that my privacy is secure. With My Data Guard, private information stays that way -- private!"

Cynthia Anne
Writer, Self Employed

Success #1

Means easy to use.

Success #2

Means secure.

Success #3

Means always available.