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Notes on Security

See below for an excellent video explanation of AES encryption by Patrick Townsend of Townsend Security Solutions. [Patrick Townsend is not affiliated with MydataGuard or CRS].


Your data is safe!

What is encryption?

Encryption is the process of changing data into a form that can be read only by the intended receiver. To decipher the message, the receiver of the encrypted data must have the proper decryption key (password).

Strong encryption:

AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encrypts your data with one of the strongest encryption standards available today. Your data is safe from everyone including: hackers using Internet based tools to try to read your MyDataGuard file's information, and from a notebook thief who might try to steal your private information.

Only your password in combination with a copy the the MyDataGuard program, can unlock your data. Otherwise, all they see are scrambled symbols as shown above.

How does AES work?

We've included this YouTube video as an excellent introduction to AES. Patrick Townsend of Townsend Security Solutions is not affiliated with CRS or MyDataGuard.


About AES:
AES provides strong encryption and has been selected by NIST as a Federal Information Processing Standard in November 2001 (FIPS-197), and in June 2003 the U.S. Government (NSA) announced that AES is secure enough to protect classified information up to the TOP SECRET level, which is the highest security level and defined as information which would cause "exceptionally grave damage" to national security if disclosed to the public.


You know that your data is safe.


You can feel secure, knowing your data is safe.


With MyDataGuard and your password, your data is always available to you.