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Purchase Active License

Active License Features

  • Add to your data
  • Edit your data.
  • View your data.
  • Copy and backup.
  • Email data.
  • Carry data with you.

Inactive License Features

  • View your data
  • Copy and backup.
  • Email your data.
  • Carry data with you.

Data is strongly encrypted using AES encryption and additional proprietary safeguards.

To Purchase an Active License

From your personal computer:

  • Start MyDataGuard.
  • Click License
  • Select PURCHASE.
  • Click SUBMIT.

Cost: $9.95 for a one year active license.

PayPal and all major credit cards accepted
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License types:

A subscription license costs just $9.95 a year. It includes all updates and support.


Even if your license becomes inactive, and you choose not to renew, you will ALWAYS be able to use the program to decrypt and view your data.


An active license is required to add to or edit your data.