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Spencer Crandall of New York City says:
I like how easy and user friendly My Data Guard is!

My Data Guard is a life saver!
Stephanie Copeland, former President & CEO of Edith Wharton's The Mount

Excellent solution to the common problem of stolen passwords.
Nate Nord. IT Consultant, Williamsburg VA

Protect your data !
Certified Secure 
Windows Compatible
New PLUS version!

Data protection, wherever you go!          Video Link

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At Your Fingertips..

Can't remember your pin number? Forgotten another password? Writing username and passwords down where others can find them?

MyDataGuard offers you one secure place to keep ALL your private information - accessible to you with just ONE password to remember.

Is easy to use! Start the program and enter your password. Your personal data is ready for you to review and edit.

Save your changes and the encrypted data is saved to your computer, under your control. Only your password will unlock it.

Use email or memory key or disk to send/carry your encrypted data with you wherever you go.

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Customer Support

The program is largely self explanatory however the very latest help is always available on line from the Help menu.

Online help includes:

Direct access to on line manual.

Direct access to FAQ.


A link to a local help text file where you can edit and add your own comments for future reference.

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Safe and Secure.

MyDataGuard uses AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) - a virtually unbreakable encryption - the same encryption used by US Government organizations to protect sensitive data.

MyDataGuard gives you one place to SAFELY store all your data.

  • Passwords
  • Medical information
  • Phone account codes
  • PIN numbers
  • Social Security Numbers
  • Bank Account data
  • Private phone numbers
  • Diary entries
  • Business strategies
  • Safe combinations
  • Credit card numbers
  • Personal goals.
  • Anything you care to!

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