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FAQ - My Data Guard.

Frequently asked questions. 

Q. Trouble installing.
A. You must be an administrator or have administrative privileges (the administrator's password) to install. If the installation stops because of a copy problem, select your own domain's directory to copy to. Example: MyDocuments\My Applications.

Q. My hard drive crashed and I lost my license.
A. Re-install MyDataGuard. You can find it at Then contact us with the email used on the order and we will send you your license balance.

Q. Do I need a license?
A. No. You can view your data without an active license. A license must be activated only if you wish to edit your data. Each computer needs its own license in order to edit. When you install the program the first time, a complimentary short term active license is installed. Because you don't need a license to view your data, you can install the program on any computer, import your data file, and have access to its contents. If you install on a new computer and import your data, you will have a complementary period in which to edit the data without having to purchase an active license subscription.

Q. Payment by PayPal? I don't want to use Paypal.
A. You can ignore the LOGIN TO PAYAL box. Instead, click the Continue link above the credit card images.

Q. It won't accept my credit card, but I know its good.
A. Please check that the name, address and phone number are correct for the card you are using. The transaction will not go through unless these are all accurate.

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